Shill Players

The first two sections of our website have already shown that Somer Blink makes ISK hand over fist.

Somer Blink's greed doesn't stop there!

We believe Eve Online's micro-lottery site, Somer Blink, uses shills to create excitement in their game.  Worst of all, when those shills win, they end up stealing money from innocent, legitimate players - because they don't have to pay out the prize to a real player!  

What's a shill?  "A shill is a person who publicly helps a person or organization without disclosing that he has a close relationship with that person or organization. Shill typically refers to someone who purposely gives onlookers the impression that he is an enthusiastic independent customer of a seller for whom he is secretly working."


In the real world, shills are illegal...

"Both the illegal and legal gambling industries often use shills to make winning at games appear more likely than it actually is.  ... These shills also often aid in cheating, disrupting the game if the 'mark' is likely to win. In a legal casino, however, a shill is sometimes a gambler who plays using the casino's money in order to keep games going when there are not enough players."

Also taken from

Even eBay has restrictions against shill bidding.

I'm not sure what eBay's copyright policy is, so I won't quote their site, but please feel free to visit the following page if you're interested:

Who is the biggest shill suspect?

Replacement 234 is one of Somer Blink's shill bidders
Almost 4 trillion in Blinks won?  Come on Somer...  Do people really believe this?  They must!

Replacement 234 has somehow won almost 4 trillion ISK worth of Blinks.  Really?  A normal Blink player?  And they have accomplished this since April of this year...  Less than three months.  Really?

This character just started playing Blink 3 months ago, in April of 2012
This character started playing Blink in April - 3 months ago, and has won almost 4 trillion ISK...  Really?

Wait.  The same character that didn't have
9 BILLION at the end of March?  

In March, didn't have 9 billion ISK
Didn't have 9 billion at the end of March, and is now a multi-trillionaire?

Where did this character get all of the ISK

to play Somer Blink like a high roller?

From Somer Blink, perhaps?

~Added July 5, 2012~  Replacement 234 has taken the time to write a lengthy, three-part post in the EVE Online debate thread defending (him)self and Somer Blink.  Although we appreciate the effort and candor, we are still left with the mystery of where he got all this ISK in the first place - seeing that he didn't have much before playing Blink and became a high roller in such a short amount of time.  

Against the odds, Replacement 234 constantly wins Blinks like this:  

Two Blink tickets and nails a Panther

Just one ticket scores this 2.4 Billion ISK Moros.  Wow!

One ticket takes this Machariel!  Ya sure this game's not rigged?

Two tickets locks in this Rorqual!

Just one ticket lands this Megathron Navy Issue...
Megathron Navy Issues

It's really starting to look kinda fishy here...

One ticket again.  Hmmm...

Two tickets, and BAM!  The shill steals it!
+5 Implant Sets
Isn't this going just a little bit overboard?
Even Bonks!

Save your ISK...  Don't go Blinkrupt!