Lies On Every Page

Somer Blink scams and lies on every page.

On every page of their website, they try to convince you that they have been giving away hundreds of trillions of ISK.  Don't be fooled...  It's a lie!

Somer Blink scams players out of trillions of ISK
Slick marketing, but a lie:  Winners have NOT "taken home" over 227 trillion ISK

Right from the start, Somer Blink is deceiving you. They lie to you on the top-right corner of every page.  Winners have NOT "taken home" anything close to that amount of ISK. That is the total amount of winning Blinks that add up to 227 trillion. Winners do not "take this home".  Where do you think this ISK is coming from?  Somer Blink giving it away?  NO!  It comes from player deposits...

EVE Online players cheated out of 150 trillion dollars
We grabbed this screen shot before they took it down from their site.  Hmmm...

EVE Online players have lost over
150 trillion ISK to Somer Blink

By a quick glance at this pie chart, you can see that about 70% of blink winnings are turned back into Blink credit. Blink credit is really just recycled back into playing the game.

That leaves only 30% of which is sent to players in the form of ISK or a ship delivery.

30% of 227 trillion is approximately 68 trillion ISK. Where did the other 159 trillion go? You guessed it: Right into Somer Blink's wallet! THE MATH IS SIMPLE...