Blink's Explanation

Somer Blink representatives seem to spend an awful lot of time sifting through the EVE Online forums, looking for fires to put out.

Whenever someone posts something negative, or comments on how they've noticed some player that is winning more than the odds dictate they should, a Somer Blink rep is right there to try to explain...

Quite frequently, what the player has noticed may be one of Somer Blink's shill bidders in action!  They may not even know what a shill bidder is, but they do know that something's just not right.

A lot of the time, the Somer Blink rep that puts out these fires is their manager - a character by the name of Andrev Nox.  And, most of the time, his response is something like this:  Heyo all ;)

Somer Blink common response to cheating or scamming accusations.
"I will dazzle you with code and fancy words trying to look legit, but hope you don't know any better"

Sure, they can try to confuse people with snippets of code, and quote how reliable and trustworthy this number generator site is.  But, in all reality, Somer Blink is in control of their own website.  They can do whatever they want with it, regardless of what they say.

Mr. Nox tries to spin things in his favor, and mislead you, by saying that since they give so many prizes away, the likelihood of "statistical aberrations" increases.  However, statistically, a greater sample size actually decreases any noticeable aberrations.  If you're really interested, you can read more about that here:

~UPDATE July 5, 2012~  Andrev Nox has been quite busy with damage control as of late.  Interestingly, he must do that quite often.  He is the most frequent poster in the EVE Online debate thread.  The screenshot of his post mentioned above must be a canned response in his bag of tricks.  He used the exact same explanation in the current debate, pretty much word for word.  Feel free to read his latest post here.

Even Chribba, probably THE MOST TRUSTWORTHY player in EVE Online, has something to say about it.  To be fair to Chribba, the following comment was made about a different lottery site, but the facts apply here as well.  Here's what he says about his own "Chribba's Dice":

Somer Blink runs their own website, so they have the ability to cheat
Chribba is probably the most trustworthy player in EVE Online

Whether Somer Blink is using Chribba's Dice,, or just making it up as they please, we will never know.  Just because they say, does not make it so...

One thing is for certain, these "statistical aberrations", as Andrev Nox put it, sure do happen a lot on Somer Blink!