Monday, June 17, 2013

Somer Blink Exposed Celebrates a Year on Blogger

Welcome to Somer Blink Exposed.  We're celebrating this blogger site being online for almost a year!  

We're also quite pleased with our search engine results.  We like being number one for "somer blink scam"  "somer blink rigged" and "somer blink cheats".  

There are also many other search terms that EVE Online players are typing and end up on our site.  Our favorite is when people are simply searching for "somer blink" and end up at our site.  I guess that's because we are listed #2 on Google.  Very nice!  :-)  

It looks like Somer Blink is up to 855 trillion ISK claimed to have been given away.  We are going to be updating this site soon to reflect the new figures for ISK stolen from Eve Online players.  

We have also decided to open up the comments today, so fire away!