The Damage Blink Does

We love Eve Online!  It is a fantastic game.  Unfortunately, Somer Blink is slowly destroying the game.

One of the extraordinary features of the game is the player driven economy.

Another, often abused feature is that there are no rules against scamming.

Those two points combined allows unscrupulous players to take advantage of less informed players, without a regulatory or governing body to intervene.

Players and corporations can lie, cheat, steal, scheme, scam, manipulate, take advantage of, and generally do anything they can get away with.  CCP will not interfere with any of this.  In fact, it is considered part of the game.

It is up to EVE Online players to protect themselves, and each other, at all times.  That's where we come in with this website.

Damage to the EVE Online economy.

As mentioned above, the economy is player driven.  One doesn't have to think for too long to realize what a corporation like Somer Blink is doing to the EVE Online economy as a whole, by siphoning trillions of ISK away from the rest of the economy.  Trillions of ISK that legitimately used to belong to other players.

These players could have used that ISK to buy the goods you sell, buy ships to PVP with, buy PLEX to play EVE Online, or many other things that would benefit the economy.

Damage to the EVE Online player base.

One also doesn't have to think too hard to figure out what Somer Blink is doing to the EVE Online player base.  When innocent people are fooled into thinking they stand a chance winning ISK with Blink, and eventually go bankrupt, it is without question that many of those people will quit playing EVE.  That is obviously harmful to the game as a whole.

In the end, you are free to form your own opinion.  Play Somer Blink if you have the extra ISK to risk.  After all, it's your hard earned ISK.  You can do whatever you want with it.  We just hope to educate those who may not know any better, so people can make a more informed choice of what to do with their ISK.